Monday, November 19, 2012

Candy Cigarettes

Portland, OR
By Rachael Alvine

Candy Cigarettes is the evolved project of Lane Mueller, self-proclaimed music veteran from northern Oregon.  The music definitely falls into the indie rock genre with shoegazer overtones and a mellow yellow feel.  The track "Take 4 Granted" has a folksie musicality with hints of British indie rock and tongue-in-cheek vocals that ring of the Moldy Peaches. More of a female vocal would add some depth and warmth to the track.

"Tomorrow" also brings the Brit-Rock essence but with more complex tempo changes and an interesting soundscape.  The guitar is especially nice and completes the song.  "Weary Is" boasts the most ethereal and mellow, however, while the piano adds depth to the track, it seems to have a bravado that somewhat takes away from the original mood of the song. 

Overall, Candy Cigarettes is a pleasant music project and one that I would enjoy hearing live in a laid-back, low lit music venue that would set the mood for a sexy date or calming come-down.  These tracks would be perfect for a feature in the neo-hippie show, Portlandia, for sure.  


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