Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Utah’s Band of the Year, KING NIKO, punching out a NEW SINGLE to follow success of “INTENTIONS”

 By Rachael Alvine

With no apologies, KING NIKO has come a long way since they hit the studio earlier this year, just after winning the 2011 City Weekly Music Awards in February.  Not only did their single, “Intentions” dominate on X96 Xposed with Corey O’Brien for over 20 nights, it secured a spot for Utah’s band of the year at the X96 Big Ass Show (BASH 2011), where they rocked the crowd of over 8,000 radio fans alongside bands like Neon Trees, Switchfoot, Group Love and local opener, The Suicycles.  

Later during the festival, King Niko’s lead vocalist, Ransom Wydner, was invited to sing with nationally touring band, Panic! At the Disco.  Speaking of Wydner, Billboard.com says, “It was a big moment for the local singer, whose band has made waves in Salt Lake City since forming in 2009, with a west coast tour and the release of single "Intentions" coming earlier this year” as part of an article covering the absence of Panic’s lead singer due to illness, and how the guest performers saved their set.

Todd Nuke ‘Em Noker, Program Director for X96 KXRK, SLC, praised King Niko’s first recording with Rockfish Record Company saying:

"Intentions" hooked me immediately…worthy of comparison to any of the top alternative bands on the charts today. Lyrically thoughtful and meshed with music that is downright catchy as hell, "Intentions" is a hit. Listener response has been overwhelming; I've never seen anything like it.

The boys are back in the studio with Utah music producer, Mateo Coletti of Rockfish Records, and after much contemplation, have decided on a song they believe will follow the success of “Intentions”, hopefully giving fans a new look at Utah’s most popular band and their unique sound.

With hand-crafted goodness, the songs of King Niko are always “record arm” ready, but the members of the band joke that producer, Mateo, has earned his badge as the “6th Niko”, bringing new ideas, musical arrangements and creative solutions to the table.

Rockfish and King Niko are recording the new single in the same studio space Neon Trees used to rehearse for their tour with Duran Duran last month.  METCOM STUDIOS, located in downtown Salt Lake, recently opened their brand new state-of-the-art, fully integrated and thoughtfully designed studio complex this past summer.

With beautifully executed acoustic design, the studio space at Metcom is becoming a favorite for musicians, due to its unique openness and ability for diverse, flexible setups.  King Niko is a powerful band and it will be interesting to see how the new recording space affects the variables in sound that emerge with this new project.

The new single, with working title “Turn It Around”, is a crowd-pleasing, anthem-driven song with a “seize the day” message for fans, with release date to local and online media outlets by early December.

King Niko will be on one of Utah's top news stations, KUTV’s "2News This Morning" - from 5am - 8am this Friday, 11/11/11, with featured appearances and performances during segments each hour.
With a featured appearance on KUTV2 this Friday, a huge concert on Black Friday at Bar Deluxe with Muscle Hawk and Dirty Blonde and a new single in the works….the boys show no signs of stopping in the studio or on stage.  It has been a good year for King Niko, Utah’s rock royalty.

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